How It Works | Custom Pet Portraits UK – Meow & Beagle

How It Works

Creative digital pet art, available in a variety of creative styles. Created adding a digital filter and digital painting from a photo of your pet.

Turn-around time for Meow & Beagle pet portraits depending on order volumes, is 15-28 business days for you to receive your pet portrait preview or download link if your order is a download. This may be increased due to a high volume of orders or other impacting factors.

Once your artwork is ready an email will be sent for you to approve, if you require any changes please mention them! 

Preview emails may go to your junk mail, so please check! If you have ordered a physical product your item will be shipped to you once you have approved your preview artwork.

If you would like to know if your photo is suitable before ordering please send your photo to


Our expert photographers give you the tips you need for purrfection!

It’s best to take a pet photograph at eye level.

Your pet shouldn’t be looking directly at the camera, if possible.

Get as close as possible so you capture your pet’s good looks!

Keep your pet’s ears in the frame.

Think about the lighting, bad lighting could ruin your portrait so if you can, use natural daylight.

Check your photograph before uploading, nothing worse than a blurry picture!

When you upload your pet’s photograph, remember we use that exact image to transform it into the artwork you want so use a good angle and capture the image in the right light to keep the colours true.  Make sure you love the photo you upload. If you add notes to your order, we’ll do our best to meet your requirements but we can’t promise. Yes, we can get rid of red eye but we can’t close your pet’s mouth! If you send us an image that doesn’t meet our guidelines, we can’t promise that the end result will be exactly what you’re looking for. If that happens, we can’t replace your artwork so we politely request that you be mindful of our needs. 
If the image you send us doesn’t meet our guidelines, we’ll always try our best to produce the best possible finish but it might not be as good as it could be.  We ask that you send the best possible quality image so we can send you a gorgeous piece of artwork. Remember, all artwork depicted on our website was created from high quality photographs.