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About Meow & Beagle


I’m Zoe the founder and creative artist of Meow & Beagle, creative custom pet portraits. 

Being creative has been my passion from a very young age. After spending 10 years in various creative design roles, I decided to set up on my own in 2019 and offer my talents to a subject near and dear to our hearts, our pets! 

I have been helping clients worldwide with my digital pet portraits of their beloved cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and hamsters to just name a few from their photos they have sent me.

Many of my digital pet portraits are from people who want an illustration of a pet that has passed away as a pet memorial that can be created uniquely, for a truly loved pet. 

With a good quality photo to begin with and communicating to our customer about their pet, I can create a portrait of your furry friend that can be a reminder of how much you love them and an ideal way to remember then when they have gone.

I also get a lot of commissions from people wanting to give pet portraits as a gift for a friend or a loved one. These make great gifts especially as birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. 

If you do want to create one of these as a gift, then please try to give yourself 3-6 weeks in order to get the perfect custom pet portrait created as amendments maybe required.

Meow & Beagle are also on Instagram, Facebook where you can keep up-to date with our special offers and latest creations! 

My reviews show that we will not complete a pet portrait unless you are 100% satisfied with the end product. 

Thank you, Zoe x